世界著名时尚品牌浪凡LANVIN成立130年,在中国呈现“对话:浪凡130年”艺术展。70余件古董服饰、刺绣珍品、历史影像和丰富的文献,全景展现浪凡130年时尚传奇与品牌魅力对世界时尚的深远影响,同时还展出新任创意总监布鲁诺·西亚雷利(Bruno Sialelli)的全新秀款,和对浪凡进行新形象的诠释。

自1889年,让娜·浪凡(Jeanne Lanvin) 女士创立浪凡品牌以来,浪凡以从不盲从流行的传奇设计、对工艺精益求精的极致追求和在剪裁与配色上的大胆开拓而享誉国际,时至今日已成为全球高级时尚的代表品牌。展览“对话:浪凡130年”以精心选择的多元主题,中国首次展出的珍贵藏品,生动再现浪凡时尚传奇中重要的历史时刻,从多角度解码浪凡设计师锐意创新的时尚衍变。

G Project兼顾艺术与商业平衡的策略和创意,通过中国内地观众的触媒习惯和当下语境,让本次展览内容以深入浅出、充满互动的方式进行营销和传播。品牌、艺术家、策展人、设计师和观众,通过小程序、VLOG、艺术衍生品、H5等内容以不同的方式参与到这场穿越130年的“对话”中来。

G Project为此展览创意的部分衍生品概念设计。

Design samples of art derivatives for this exhibition by G Project

World-renowned fashion brand Lanvin celebrated its 130th birthday by presenting an intriguing exhibition in China called “Dialogues: Lanvin 130 Years” ,which features over 70 antique clothing items, new runway show pieces, precious works of embroidery, along with a rich collection of historical images and archive.

It aims to provide an insight into the brand’s influence on the fashion world and its reinterpretation under Lanvin’s new creative director, Bruno Sialelli.

Founded in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin, Lanvin is renowned for its timeless designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and bold use of cuts and colors. The exhibition presents a refined and diverse collection of precious items never before exhibited in China. 

Strategically balancing art and commerce, G Project marketed the exhibition content in a simple and interactive way based on insightful customer behavior analysis and current social context. The brand, artists, curators, designers, and the general public were invited to participate in this “dialogue” spanning for 130 years through WeChat mini program, vlog, art derivatives and event mobile web pages.