G Project邀请诸多潮流份子与品牌热血联动。在新品推出、线下快闪店之际,带来不一样的热血体验。

K-BOXING  Men’s Wear took inspiration from classic superheroes and launched its Marvel series along with the premium mulberry silk series. The products aim to unlock the charm of the mortals, as they highlight your true self effortlessly, and also make your statement pieces to impress and show off.   The power of League of Legends and Marvel, comes from the inner faith of each individual hero. This special series introduced the heroic complex of modern men into fashion design and equipped the ordinary folks with dazzling heroic glory.

G Project invited a number of trendy icons and internet celebrities to attend the launching event and pop-up shop dressing up in the new series, which immediately exposed the brand and their new series before the eyes of Marvel and fashion lovers.