LILY商务时装携手中国国家地理,跨界呈现特别合作系列,打造中国首套以人文地理为主题的商务时装。从山川湖海到珍奇动物,此次合作收录中国的人文地理风貌,并邀请风格主理人宋轶演绎#山水如衣#和#奇珍世界#两大系列。本次合作全案,由G Project策划、创意及执行呈现。


Joining hands with Chinese National Geography, Lily Collection has presented us a special series of business outfits which is the first set themed as human geography in China. From mountains, rivers and seas to rare animals, these outfits have exhibited the cultural and geographical features of China. Besides, we invited Song Yi as the stylist of 2 series # Landscape On Me & # Marvelous World. In this case, G Project has assisted Lily with planning, creativity and execution.

This collection has deconstructed Chinese human geography and then demonstrated it on the clothes. # Landscape On Me comes from the Terrace in Yuanyang, Yunnan, China, and the Gasherbrum,it has been transformed on delicate fabric. # Marvelous World turns rare animals,such as the panda and the procapra picticaudata into sources of inspiration. With mountains, rivers and rare animals on the clothes, Chinese women are able to show unique Chinese charming image and cultural character.

LILY x CNG 跨界合作视频