作为拥有30多年历史的欧洲著名品牌,梦龙在2021年携手G Project,从全年社交内容和重要节点campaign营销两个角度发力,继续书写它充满欢愉和享受的品牌传奇。




Magnum, as a distinguished European brand over 30 years, it works with G-Project to amplify its PLEASURE, INDULGENCE and LEGEND gene to improve the exposures and sales of new products throughout 2021.

By combining the characteristics of products with multiple tastes and the insights of the multiple identities of contemporary young people, Magnum has determined the communication slogan for the year of 2021 #Pleasure Has More Than One Layer#.

Throughout the year, all social contents and the topic #Pleasure Has More Than One Layer# will implement Magnum’s PLEASURE through quality materials and elegant copy to highlight its European heritage and voice for Chinese young men.

In the future, Magnum will present more pleasurable experiences in 2021 with new spokespersons and campaign.