G Project为乐事大波浪制作了两只魔幻主义短片,《脱发课代表压力拜拜记》和《宿舍上分断网人躺赢记》。当学弟学妹们在校园中面临不同压力时,霓虹灯亮起,辣目洋子化身解压大仙女,带童鞋们来到复古范+正义萌的大波浪解压美发店,让他们瞬间恢复元气,压力退散。



Too much stress? Come and chill in our salon on Bilibili.com!

Beside school works, power outages, weak network, hair loss, social barrier, college students have suffered from a steady stream of pressure.

But now, thanks to Lay’s Deep Ridged, who aims at college students and helps them relieve stress, has managed a Hair Salon, which is not just for hairstyle, also for having fun!

G Project has produced two short films for Lay’s Deep Ridged being called Farewell to Hair Loss  and Farewell to Weak Network. When young students face different pressures on campus, the neon lights are lit, and Lamu Yangzi becomes a magician and brings the our salon, so that they can instantly regain their vitality and say goodbye to stress.