中华民族是最热爱美食的民族,饮食文化,更是一种独特的语言。这种语言以家为单位,以传承为跨度,并以传家菜为形式,传承着情感。2022春节之际,G Project以“中华智慧,家传滋味”为核心主题,为中华打造新春营销战役。


Zhonghua Toothpaste was founded in 1954 and is powered by Unilever R&D. Zhonghua Toothpaste embodies leading technologies and extraordinary quality and is the only FDI-approved toothpaste brand in China.

Zhonghua Toothpaste is under the renewal transition. Adhering to its mission of “safeguarding the dental health of Chinese people”, with the goal of “building the best dental care in China ", Zhonghua Toothpaste is tailored for Chinese customers and dedicated to ensuring each Chinese individual has world-class oral hygiene.

Zhonghua wisdom makes life tasty. Use Chinese wisdom to safeguard the dental health of every Chinese and let them feel, explore, discover and savor all aspects of life: delicious Chinese food, human kindness, innovation and tradition, old and young.

Chinese dietary structure features high carbohydrates, which are more likely to induce oral diseases. Therefore, Zhonghua Toothpaste centers on protecting oral hygiene from sugar effects and upgrades the Anti-Sugar Campaign. As a time-honored domestic brand, Zhonghua Toothpaste echoes national self-confidence's rise and adds flavor to life.

Chinese people love delicious food, and Chinese food culture is well-known worldwide. Food is a unique language to express and pass on the Chinese culture and patriotism from generation to generation and from China to other countries. G Projects planned a “Zhonghua Wisdom and Family Taste” campaign during the 2022 Chinese New Year.