G Project 四度操刀「乐事春季限定」。


每年春天的第一口味道,来自乐事对春天的洞察。乐事 2022 春季限定尝试「零食破圈」,以潮玩兴趣圈层为爆发点,从「零食+潮玩」的角度为潮流年轻人打造「好看、好吃、好玩」的季节限定新品。

让零食走出舒适圈,创新和突破才是获客基本盘。在樱花味泛滥的当下春季限定赛道,身为樱花味开创者果断选择继续深挖。从「春季时令食材」本身及其与人群受众的关系中获得灵感,首次打造「咸鲜味」薯片。没吃过、不容易吃到的春季时令味,在 2022 的乐事春季限定中一网打尽。深耕数年,春天的味道由我们定义和书写!

基于潮流、爱玩的洞察,携手 IP 大搞双王跨界。牵手泡泡玛特、破圈潮玩人群。乐事首度邀请泡泡玛特 S 级 IP 小甜豆为乐事春季限定代言。强强联合,鲜翻春天、萌化消费者。合作联名款「乐事樱花虾甜豆手办」绝版限量 5000 个,更多潮玩礼盒装为各路渠道加冕,成就零食王者与潮玩王者的绝美跨界。

OWN 住春游搭上高铁;乐事在,一路有春天。乐事春季限定秉持至潮美感,与爱踏青出游、爱拍照打卡的潮流人群做朋友,联合中国高铁打造「乐事快线,一路春天」。春游的快乐不是到达目的地,而是从带着乐事上路那一刻起就开始了。「乐事快线」将最潮的出行方式融入进当代年轻人的生活方式,以高铁为媒介,将春天的美景、美味、感觉和快乐带给所有寻找乐事的人。

G Project worked with Lay’s for 4 years’ Spring LTO Campaigns.

Lay’s Spring LTO Campaigns hopes to add fresh tastes to the classic. G Project supports digging market insights, identifying popular flavors, inspiring crossover collaboration, and striking a chord with customers.

Lay's offers you the first taste of spring. 2022 Spring LTO challenged snack stereotypes and started from popular culture to attract young generations. From the perspective of Snacks Plus Trendy Play, 2022 LTOs satisfied young customers with good-looking, tasty, and funny choices.  Innovation and breakthroughs are the aces for winning the market. Sakura is a common choice to represent spring. Lay’s is the pioneer of Sakura-flavored chips and has decided to deepen the efforts further. Inspired by the seasonal ingredients of spring and customer targets, 2022 Spring LTO captures the rare and local delicacies and makes the distinctive flavors accessible via chips.

Crossover collaboration with Pop Mart. Lay’s invites Pop Mart’s blockbuster IP – Sweet Bean as the Spring LTO ambassador. Cute looks and fresh flavors synergize and grab the eyeballs of consumers. Lay's Sakura Shrimp Sweet Bean figurine is a limited offer of 5,000 pieces. More gift boxes are designed for various channels. This collaboration creates a win-win for the two brands.

Crossover collaboration with China Railway High-Speed (CRH). Lay’s Express – all the way to spring, takes travelers on the trip to explore the outdoor life in spring. The joy of spring outing is not limited to the destination but starts from the moment on the road. Spring Trips With CRH and Lay’s integrates travel tools with popular lifestyle and offers young people beautiful sceneries, fresh tastes, feelings, and happiness.