源自纽约的高端衣物专护品牌THE LAUNDRESS,主打极致专业细分与奢华香氛体验,在这个6月,婴儿洗护成为主推系列。

G Project精准洞察母婴行业,挖掘孕妈人群insight,用温柔的手绘线条重现宝宝出生后接触的第一批有纪念意义的小物件,推出THE LAUNDRESS 618 婴儿衣物洗护家族,定格这份源自妈妈和宝宝的共同温柔记忆。

治愈「奶」香,温「柔」守护,高度契合THE LAUNDRESS婴儿系列卖点。宝宝身上的味道,奶香治愈,成为妈妈的瞬间,便注定要开始对宝宝的温柔守护。以妈妈给宝宝的一封温柔手写信开启派样UGC活动,导流天猫商城。

大胆运用THE LAUNDRESS 婴儿系列标志性的蓝色及手绘插画细节打造妈妈最爱的大容量妈咪包赠品,可爱的造型使之成为时髦单品,激发婴儿产品超卖热潮。

THE LAUNDRESS, signature fabric care from New York, offers luxurious and elegant detergent solutions for different fabrics. Baby Kit is the featured product this June.

G Project builds business savvy and deep customer (parents) understanding. Hand-drawn images of baby products remind soft and tender memories of motherhood. During the 618-shopping holiday, the baby kit was released to capture the mother-baby love. 

THE LAUNDRESS baby detergent solution is inspired by milk fragrance. The gentle and soothing experience is trendy, and the smell of babies and milk is healing. Mothers are destined to guard their baby gently. “Write a letter to win samples” is a social campaign encourages consumers to share their stories and drives traffic to the Tmall store. 

This campaign sends out large-capacity mommy bags as gifts for mothers. It uses the iconic blue of THE LAUNDRESS baby series and hand-drawn illustrations. The cute look is attractive to mothers and makes the baby kit a best seller.