G Project深挖艺人特性与品牌特质,紧扣双方“东方美学”属性,操刀制作百雀羚全新帧颜系列、光棱镜防晒霜、幻彩精华产品TVC、艺人ID视频、产品主KV等创意物料,与受众进一步沟通属于当下的全新态度与视觉风格。通过将代言人价值最大化,为百雀羚实现全方位赋能。



As a leading beauty and skincare brand in China, Pechoin continues the brand upgrade program “Herbs 2.0” with the help of Mr. Wang Yibo, the brand ambassador, since 2020.

G Project explored insight into the characteristics of Wang Yibo and Pechoin and created PR materials (TVC, brand ambassador video, key vision, etc.) for the new anti-aging series, sun cream, and serum. The campaign updates Pechoin’s young attitude and visual style to customers and fully lever Wang Yibo's influence for all-around promotion and marketing.

G Project has developed a whole lifecycle publicity strategy. Noting that portrait mode dominates information access in today’s digital world, G Project creates an immersive visual experience to close the distance between consumers, artists, and brands. 

Six product commercials (TVC) and relevant visual content are released successively to kick off the “Herbs 2.0” era.