How to link the Oriental Life Aesthetics to the romance of gifts giving in the deep heart among Chinese people? During the 4th Yuyuan Gifting Festival, we have been focusing on the new year gift scene to give a brand new proposal.

Gift is more than one present but also carries the connotation of etiquette, ceremony, rules and system, the good heart and blessing from the giver, which is harmony with the profound cultural attributes of Yuyuan Garden in the past hundred years.

With the insight of consumers, we put forward the concept of Courtesy, through a traditional Chinese etiquette, to convey different good wishes for different objects.

This TVC shows a store of a young people who returns home with products of Yuyuan Group,  in a creative way of illustration animation.

Besides, we have put forward a catchy tagline: Year after year, your good choice in Yuyuan.

At the same time,  there is an integrated gift box, focusing on the family gift scene, covering all your family members, friends, the elders and partners respectively.

For the communication, Yuyuan scores more than 220 million views in TikTok and 700w views in Xiaohongshu.

On the occasion of the 28th Yuyuan Lantern Festival, the Yuyuan Gifting Festival has shown hundreds of various fancy China-fashion Year gifts to start a bright and gorgeous fantasy journey for you.