尊尼获加蓝牌(Johnnie Walker Blue Label)于今年携手著名数字艺术家 Luke Halls,合作推出了 Cities(未来之城)限定系列。双方通过产品 Web 3.0 去中心化的艺术表达,描绘了 200 年后的城市景观和天际线,构想了一个繁荣而充满活力的未来社会。10 款仅在旅游零售渠道发售的限定产品分别以伦敦、海南、台北、墨西哥城、首尔、悉尼、曼谷、柏林、新加坡甚至未来火星的“城市再设计”作为产品包装,消费者使用智能手机扫描瓶子正面,即可进入 2220 年,探索丰富的风味世界。

自 2023 年开始,G Project 成为 Diageo 集团 APAC Leading Agency 之后便开始与尊尼获加蓝牌在亚洲 GT 渠道上的产品上市、公关传播、事件营销等方面展开紧密合作。Cities 作为 2023 年国门开放之后旅游市场复苏的首个重磅产品,在 G Project 的策划与执行下将引爆地点放在海南三亚、海口,并且深度参与了第三届中国国际消费品博览会。我们在海南海口新海港 CDF 免税城、三亚海棠湾 CDF 免税城对尊尼获加的店面进行了重新包装,沿袭 Cities 的设计风格与理念将其打造成为既有海南当地的海洋特色、又有未来城市“赛博朋克”等个的想象空间。在海南消博会上,我们配合 Cites 的首次亮相为参会伙伴们进行了产品演示。同时作为亚洲区域的延展,我们还在韩国首尔机场的媒体投放点位制作了一系列充满“未来风”的投放物料,包括 LED 大屏视频画面、以及将 LED 隧道包装成为同享 2220 年的时光穿越列车。

海南一直是中国对外旅游市场的重要窗口,更是众多国际大牌 GT 渠道的重要部分,本次尊尼获加 Cities 与 G Project 对未来城市、艺术幻想和 Web 3.0 去中心化的探索是彼此拓展 Travel Retail 的重要历程,敬请期待更多的艺术化营销、未来的营销方式探索!

Johnnie Walker Blue Label has collaborated with renowned digital artist Luke Halls this year to launch the limited edition Cities (City of the Future) series. Through decentralized artistic expression using Web 3.0, the two parties have depicted cityscapes and skylines 200 years in the future, envisioning a prosperous and vibrant future society. The limited edition series, consisting of 10 products, is exclusively available in travel retail channels and features "city redesigns" of London, Hainan, Taipei, Mexico City, Seoul, Sydney, Bangkok, Berlin, Singapore, and even future Mars as product packaging. Consumers can scan the front of the bottle with their smartphones to enter the year 2220 and explore a rich world of flavors.

After becoming the APAC Leading Agency for Diageo, G Project has closely collaborated with Johnnie Walker Blue Label in terms of product launches, PR communications, and event marketing in the Asian GT channel. As the first major product after the reopening of tourism markets in 2023, Cities has been strategically planned and executed by G Project, with a focus on Hainan's Sanya and Haikou, and has also been deeply involved in the 3rd China International Consumer Products Expo.

We have redesigned the storefronts of Johnnie Walker in CDF Duty-Free City in Haikou New Harbor and CDF Duty-Free City in Haitang Bay, Sanya, following the design style and concept of Cities, creating an imaginative space that combines the local marine features of Hainan with the futuristic "cyberpunk" elements. At the Hainan Consumer Expo, we conducted product demonstrations for attending partners in conjunction with the first appearance of Cities. As an extension in the Asian region, we have also created a series of "future-themed" media placements at Seoul Airport in South Korea, including LED screens and an LED tunnel transformed into a time-traveling train to experience the year 2220.

Hainan has always been an important gateway for China's outbound tourism market and a significant part of many international luxury brands' GT channels. The collaboration between Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cities and G Project in exploring future cities, artistic fantasies, and decentralized Web 3.0 is an important milestone in expanding Travel Retail for both parties. Stay tuned for more artistic marketing and exploration of future marketing methods!