2023年,代言人王一博在电影事业上突破不断,带来了《热烈》、《无名》等热档电影,勇于挑战新领域、沉淀自己的王一博,也带给了粉丝源源不断的惊喜。而这样的特质,也正是百雀羚渴望传达的,品牌持续数十年的专研,以「科技新草本」理念带来符合东方女性肤质的明星产品。而新的TVC也紧紧抓住当代年轻人的时尚趋势,以轻盈的风格,表现品牌的科技质感,呈现更真实、更多元的艺人气质。G Project深挖代言人与品牌的新变化,在之前的创意基础上,从平面到视频进行全方位的创意升级,更加强化品牌「科技新草本」的心智,开启更轻盈更科技的第三年。随着焕然一新的创意视频与视觉内容逐步出街,百雀羚也与王一博一起不断突破,坚实未来。



In 2023, spokesperson Wang Yibo has achieved continuous breakthroughs in his film career, bringing popular films such as "Passion" and "Nameless," and constantly challenging new territories. Wang Yibo's ability to evolve and showcase his own unique qualities has also brought continuous surprises to his fans. These qualities are exactly what Pechoin wishes to convey. With decades of research, Pechoin brings star products that cater to the skin needs of Asian women with the concept of "New Herbal Technology." The new TVC also captures the fashion trends of contemporary young people, presenting the brand's technological texture in a light and stylish manner, showcasing a more authentic and diverse artistic temperament. G Project delves into the new changes between the spokesperson and the brand, building on the previous creative foundation, and upgrading the creativity from print to video in an all-around manner, further strengthening the brand's "New Herbal Technology" concept and ushering in a lighter and more technological third year. With the release of the refreshed creative videos and visual content, Pechoin and Wang Yibo continue to break through together, solidifying the future.

As Pechoin's flagship product, the Pechoin Wrinkle Smoothing Cream, it is crucial to create memorable visual concepts for its core ingredients. Combining Pechoin's new brand concept proposed this year, the TVC transports Wang Yibo to a futuristic herbal technology laboratory, where he obtains the original essence of Pro-VTA (the core ingredient of the Wrinkle Smoothing series). The large-scale space presents various handsome shots of Wang Yibo, and the classic science fiction visual effects and new animation effects enhance the product's technological texture, conveying Pechoin's brand proposition.

In addition, the TVC for the Prism Sunscreen series takes a different approach. Starting from the daily commuting scenes in the city, it creates a mirror-like urban environment filled with a sense of luxury through prism surfaces. Wang Yibo walks through this environment, portraying the state of urban dwellers who want to bask in the sun but do not want to get tanned. It connects various selling points of the product and highlights the brand's advocated attitude of "Facing the Light, Controlling the Light."