In February 2019, GP tailored the communication message for Danzi group’s collaboration with actor and singer Hou Minghao for its ‘Wetcode’ hydrating whitening sun protection lotion.

Considering the liquid texture of the product and Hou’s personal image, which both reminisced the freshness of one’s first love, GP branded the product with first love, and positioned its brand ambassador Hou as one’s first boyfriend to reach his loyal fandom. 

In the meantime, GP effectively communicated the product features and benefits by live streaming event to a wider range of audiences, and converted fans of the ambassador to fans of the product/brand.

This successful campaign began with identifying the emotional connection between the brand ambassador and the product, and then moved forward to create an appealing story/scenario to visualise the selling point and core benefits. GP hereby provided an excellent case study regarding how to create innovative angle and contents for online communication and campaign