基于对沉浸式全场景营销的理解,G Project 在 2024 年的成都糖酒会上与国酒茅台达成合作,为其旗下新品 UMEET 蓝莓气泡酒打造了一场年轻又轻盈的新品发布及品鉴晚宴。

晚宴上为 UMEET 产品的首发制作了产品视频,通过源于贵州丹寨的自然生态理念到微观世界里的“茅台独特基因”,阐明了 UMEET 之所以会刷新果酒天际线的原因。晚宴活动上,通过产品视频和现场讲解,更加生动地展示了UMEET蓝莓气泡酒的独特魅力,以其优质的原料和先进的工艺赢得了现场嘉宾的一致好评。


Moutai is continuously exploring and innovating on the path of brand rejuvenation. Moutai's ice cream, sauce-flavored lattes, chocolates, and other products are popular across the internet, actively seeking to "make friends" with young people. UMEET Blueberry Sparkling Wine is the first young, low-alcohol, trendy beverage product, and it is also the innovative work of the Moutai Group in keeping up with the trends of the times and entering the young market.

Based on an understanding of immersive full-scene marketing, G Project collaborated with the national liquor Moutai at the 2024 Chengdu Sugar and Wine Expo to create a young and light new product launch and tasting banquet for its new product UMEET Blueberry Sparkling Wine.

At the banquet, a product video was produced for the debut of the UMEET product, clarifying the reasons why UMEET will refresh the horizon of fruit wine, from the natural ecological concept originating from Danzhai, Guizhou, to the "unique genes of Moutai" in the micro world. Through the product video and on-site explanations at the banquet event, the unique charm of UMEET Blueberry Sparkling Wine was vividly displayed, winning unanimous praise from the guests present with its high-quality ingredients and advanced craftsmanship.

The brand event, themed "Creating Beauty and New Life · Naturally Free," combining the traditional and innovative essence of Moutai, brought guests a surprising wine feast. The banquet was divided into three chapters: "Seeking Beauty in Nature," "Discovering Miracles," and "Creating Beauty and New Life," incorporating dance, performances, and exquisite cuisine, perfectly blending the product concept of natural ecology with the product features of UMEET Blueberry Sparkling Wine, offering guests a wonderful feast for the senses and taste buds.