如何最大化利用草莓熊IP价值?G Project发现洗手液除了本身的清洁除菌效果之外,轻松萌趣、香氛治愈、幸福品质、快乐陪伴等附加情绪价值的需求度逐渐提升,


G Project因此提出了“洗手,是触摸美好的开始”的核心创意,围绕草莓熊IP创作TVC、平面、线下潮流快闪等一系列品牌资产,将产品RTB“多洗手不干”转化成更具网感的“洗手像被熊RUA的感觉”,通过草莓熊与迪士尼的核心粉丝扩散绑定护肤、萌宠、美食、亲子等洗手高频相关场景,实现消费者兴趣破圈。

G Project为洗手液制作了全新TVC,通过洗手来到梦幻世界,和草莓熊有爱牵手,直观呈现了“洗手,是触摸美好的开始”核心信息,TVC在线上线下通过贴片、一线城市楼宇广告等进行投放,曝光超过1亿+。同期滴露草莓熊限时快闪也在上海来福士广场惊喜亮相,被绵软泡沫包裹的草莓熊小屋,一整面挂满大大小小草莓熊玩偶的拍照墙,吸睛造型吸引大量路人打卡体验。围绕精致生活场景打造的“萌宠、护肤、美食”三大体验区,通过绵软愉悦体验传递“洗手是触摸美好的开始”核心信息,配合大量KOL打卡和小红书平台种草,持续破圈扩散,曝光超过500万,成为3月平台热门话题。

The hand sanitizer industry is facing intense competition, with weak functional barriers for antibacterial and antiviral properties. Major brands are engaging in price wars to attract customers. Dettol hopes to activate and attract new young consumers by collaborating with the well-known Disney IP, Strawberry Bear, through limited edition products, aiming to increase the brand's market share in the hand sanitizer category.

How to maximize the value of the Strawberry Bear IP? G Project discovered that besides the cleaning and antibacterial effects of hand sanitizers, there is an increasing demand for emotional values such as fun, fragrance therapy, quality of happiness, and joyful companionship. Meeting high emotional value needs has become the mainstream consumer demand. Handwashing is no longer just about cleaning and disinfecting but about enjoying the pleasure of starting a beautiful life.

Therefore, G Project proposed the core creative concept of "Handwashing is the beginning of touching beauty." They created a series of brand assets around the Strawberry Bear IP, such as TV commercials, print ads, and offline trendy flash mobs. They transformed the product's RTB "moisturizes hands without drying" into a more internet-savvy message of "washing hands feels like being hugged by a bear." By associating Strawberry Bear with Disney's core fans, they expanded into skincare, cute pets, food, parent-child, and other high-frequency handwashing-related scenes, breaking consumer interest barriers.

A new TV commercial had been creative for new product, that washing hands leads to a dreamy world, holding hands with the Strawberry Bear, visually conveying the core message of "Handwashing is the beginning of touching beauty." The TVC was promoted online and offline through stickers, advertisements in major cities, and more, garnering over 100 million exposures. Simultaneously, the Dettol Strawberry Bear limited-time flash mob surprised visitors at the Raffles City Plaza in Shanghai. The Strawberry Bear cottage wrapped in soft foam, a photo wall covered with Strawberry Bear dolls of all sizes, attracted a large number of passersby for photo opportunities. Three major experiential zones were created around refined living scenes: cute pets, skincare, and food. Through soft and pleasant experiences, the core message of "Handwashing is the beginning of touching beauty" was conveyed. With the help of numerous KOLs and content on platforms like Litte Red Book, the campaign continued to break barriers and expand, garnering over 5 million exposures and becoming a popular topic on platforms in March.