2019年推出全新系列的护肤品牌 – 愈感,第一款产品– 愈感积雪草原生精华液也于2019年夏季上市,GP为该产品及品牌规划并完成了上市推广的营销方案。



Fosun Group launched its brand new skincare brand - Cureal and its first product Herba Centellae Extract Serum in Summer 2019. GP planned and executed marketing campaign for this new brand and its product launch.

As it was new to the market, Cureal needed to create a strong impression among the consumers rapidly.  GP managed to do so by creating massive publicity from Internet celebrities and common users on multiple social platforms such as Weibo, Tik Tok, Little Red Book and bilibili, which effectively spread the words about the brand to its targeted consumers.

In the meantime, the product attracted huge attention by appearing in the live streaming show of Li Jiaqi, one of the top Internet celebrities in Mainland China for skincare products and cosmetics, as well as being recommended by 3 renowned female stars. The celebrity effect contributed to the sales greatly.

How to build up and market an entirely new brand?

GP gave a satisfying answer to the above question through Cureal’s case. By creating  impact on multiple social platforms and TV shows, plus the celebrity effect, Cureal and its Herba Centellae Extract Serum accumulated a considerable number of loyal followers within a short period of time, who guaranteed an outstanding sales record on the Internet.